Let us do the work

We specialize in providing Order Monitoring Service. We take care of every detail around your Purchase Order, from production phase till cargo arrives safely at your warehouse.

Your gain is total transparency, less work and lower shipping and handling costs.


“A value added service that improve your supply chain by utilizing the full container capacity, consolidate consignments and reduce the costs.”


We work with and for you, with passion and care. We act as your direct line towards suppliers and factories. Together with our professional team in Asia we monitors your purchase orders, do pre-planning, coordination and shipping. And we can ensure you that cargo will be shipped the most cost effective way.

What do you gain from it?

  • Total control and transparency

  • Securing equipment and space on container vessels

  • Live status updated on each single purchase order 24/7

  • Systematically planning, coordination and reporting based on your criteria

  • Full tracking of orders and shipments before, during and after shipping

  • A heads up to detect any possible delays in production as early as possible

  • Consolidation of smaller shipments (LCL) into separate “Byer’s Consol” containers

  • Reduced shipping and handling cost as well as reduced physical handling of cargo

  • Special trained staff and standardized processes throughout all Asian offices