Searunner is very reliable, fast and accurate in their work with the follow-up of each separate order where it is necessary and entirely according to our wishes. This means that they are a significant partner for us.

Coop has a good and long term cooperation with Searunner Shipping AS. Their expertise, network of contacts and operational skills and control is of vital importance to us.

Searunner har vi samarbeidet med i veldig mange år. Stormberg er opptatt av å drive så miljømessig og kostnadseffektivt som mulig, dette er noe Searunner klarer å ivareta i stor grad for oss. Searunner er også dyktige på å finne kreative løsninger når vi har behov for det, bl.a er de flinke til å konsolidere lasten slik at man oppnår høy fyllingsgrad i containerne.

We have worked with Searunner for many years. Stormberg is an environmentally conscious organization focusing on cost-effective solutions. This is something Searunner manages to take care of to a large extent. Searunner is also creative and good to search for alternative solutions when it’s needed.

Their Order Management team are good at planning and consolidating our cargo and utilizing the container capacity. They also have a large contact network in Asia, which is very useful to us. Their offices follow up on Stormberg’s suppliers. Another advantage is that the people at Searunner have such a long and wide expertise within customs regulations