COOP Norway has at any given time several thousand orders pending for shipment from all parts of Asia. Having control of all orders and secure timely status report is a key factor for COOP Norway.

Through several decades COOP and Searunner have developed an electronic order monitoring process where all final purchase orders are being transferred to Searunner and our offices in Asia for follow up with the respective suppliers. One of many important issues is to detect any upcoming delays in production and the readiness of cargo as early as possible in order for COOP to take necessary actions.

Such information is being updated into COOP’s own IT system on a daily basis.

Pre-planning of shipments for securing space on vessels and containerequipment also benefits from this proactive work flow.

The coordination of smaller shipments (LCL) for loading into separate containers ( Byer’s Consolidation) for delivery directly to COOP’s warehouse in Norway is also a result of being in front of the development.

This consolidations system is giving a reduced shipping and handling cost as well as reduced physical handling for the cargo.

Due to our constant focus on the order monitoring service, all our offices have separate staff to handle this additional service.